MPEG2 Works Advanced

MPEG2 Works Advanced 5.2.3

DVD, SVCD and VCD creation and authoring

Converting between different formats should be easier than it is on the Mac but the reality is that you often need several different applications to serve the needs of every format. View full description


  • Can convert in many different formats
  • Works with DVD and SVCD
  • Works with both PAL and NTSC files


  • No GUI to show status of conversions
  • Too technical for most people's basic needs


Converting between different formats should be easier than it is on the Mac but the reality is that you often need several different applications to serve the needs of every format.

MPEG2 Works 4 is however a remarkably powerful tool that not only converts several major formats namely MPEG2/MPEG1 DVD/SVCD/VCD but it also exports to MPEG1/MPEG2/VRO/VOB/TiVo/Hitachi VOB and QuickTime formats. There are a whole host of options for converting to different PAL and NTSC screen aspect ratios such as 16:9 and 4:3.

The interface is clearly aimed at advanced or professional multimedia users who know exactly what they want to convert to, but a beginner looking to convert a VCD file to VCD Pal or VCD NTSC could easily work out how to do so. There are also highly specific DVD authoring tools that you won't find on average DVD burner such as an option to deinterlace source movies during conversions and SVCD Widescreen 16:9 to 4:3 letterboxed conversions. Unfortunately there's no GUI to show the status of conversions but you can opt to output the status to the Terminal. One bonus also worth adding is that MPEG2 Works Advanced requires no installation so you can just run it straight from the DMG file.

MPEG2 Works Advanced is a highly technical and advanced conversion tool that should be tough enough to deal with just about any MPEG conversion task you throw at it.


  • Improved output quality
  • Improved speed for PPC and Intel proc.
  • Deinterlacer ON by default
  • Improved overall performance

Ultimate all-in-one MPEG SD/HD encoder and movie re-conversion tool for Mac OSX.

SD (standard definition) MPEG1/MPEG2 encoding.

Make DVD or convert Blue-Ray disk to DVD.

Encode your input files to standard definition (SD - DVD compatibile), SD Super-video CD MPEG2 format or Video CD (VCD) MPEG1 format.

HD (high definition) MPEG2 encoding.

Encode your HD movies to HD MPEG2 format.

Encode your HD input files to high definition (HD - HD DVD compatibile), format.

Movie re-conversion.

Convert from almost every available movie formats to Quick Time compatibile movies.

Convert your files to available QT formats using the Quick Time engine and exporter for maximum compatibility.

Batch (multiple) files processing

Use queue option under any section for a multiple files processing.

And many more options..

* Custom Quick Time format exporting, * Built-in MPlayer to play your files, un-protected DVD's and un-protected Blu-Ray's in full resolution with on-screen menu, * DVD Converter module to convert your DVD's from Pal <-> NTSC, * Movie and MPEG info panels, * DVD Authoring section for MPEG2 multiplexing, DVD Authoring of encoded MPEG2 files with chapterizing, making burnable DVD image and burning on blank DVD media, * Tools section with various audio and video tools like audio conversion option for converting your audio tracks to MP2, MP3, MP4, AAC and WAV format, * Audio extraction from file, DVD or Blue-ray disks, * Chapters or full title extraction from DVD in MPEG2, * Adding video or audio tracks to converted movies, * Auto-crop de

Video and film professionals and anyone who deals with video formats of any kind.

MPEG2 Works 5 run even smoother than before, packed with every feature for beginners just learning and for professionals who need one video tool that does it all regarding video formats re-conversion, encoding and manipulation, makes it an essential part of your toolbox.

MPEG2 Works Advanced


MPEG2 Works Advanced 5.2.3